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Interested in learning some traditional Gypsy skills such as cooking, basket weaving, wooden and paper flower making? Perhaps you’d like to try your hand at traditional painting, cooking or even circus skills.



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Learn some new skills at Kushti Vardos Gypsy Heritage workshops

  • Blacksmithing / forging
  • Circus skills
  • Barge painting
  • Flower making
  • Cooking / Music

We also have on display Clarence’s large collection of

  •  Romani Gypsy Artifacts
  • Vintage Antique Farm Machinery
  • Vintage Cars and Trucks
  • Handmade miniature models

Kushti Vardos Healing and Therapeutic “Meet the Ponies”

Spend time getting to know the Ponies of Kushti Vardos to improve your well-being. The bond between ponies and humans goes back many thousands of years.

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“Sharing our skills is what it’s all about”

Emily Jane – Artist

Emily, since childhood, always had a passion for acrobatics, gymnastics and drama. This combined with her other love of traveling was all the ingredients she needed to develop her circus skills throughout her youth. That and meeting other like-minded people from all walks of life; sharing skills being an important part of this culture.

Emily is also a traditional artist using the beautify vibrant colours and methods that have been handed down throughout the generations. Methods that take a little time to master but the process is enjoyable and completely immersive. Emily will happily show you the different techniques used for painting and sign writing as each artist will then start to develop their own unique stye and characteristics as they progress.

Well-being and Healing

Like humans, each pony has it’s own personality. Taking the time to understand and getting to know them can only be truly achieved by being spiritually present in the moment.

To spend time with our ponies can:


  • Reduce stress and anxiety levels
  • Increase well-being
  • Bring you back into the present – the here and now
  • Help you understand your own nature and self-awareness
  • Reconnect with nature




Bonding with our gentle ponies.

Simply being in the close presence of a pony and spending the time to understand its nature can be a hugely therapeutic and calming experience. The bond between human and ponies goes back many thousands of years and the importance of this human/ pony partnership plays a huge part in the Romani Gypsy culture. Of course this relationship was always much more than a working convenience. The ponies well-being is of huge importance but perhaps what many people have maybe not considered is what these beautiful sensitive animals can offer in return. A bond.


Connecting with ponies can be a naturally rewarding experience and will remind you that we too are very much part of nature. By allowing the ponies to meet you without the expectation of ‘control’ also enables us to witness their wisdom, sensitivity and power. They are very perceptive animals and can teach us about ourselves in ways we may not expect. 

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Music /fire juggling, circus skills, flower making in pictures

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