Kushti Vardo's Heritage

Perhaps more than any other ethnic group, gypsies have been romanticised as wandering free spirits, free spirits from the monotony of mainstream society. Their nomadic tendencies cause the gypsies to be ranked among the minority wherever they reside.

However, the wisdom and craft of living a simple life alongside nature has been passed down through the centuries and is something we can learn a great deal from as a modern society separated in many ways from the natural world around us. . 

Kushti Vardos is a Gypsy heritage site designed to not only preserve the traditional Roma way of life but we also to invite you to join us and experience this natural way of living for yourself. Aligned and in tune with the natural world.


Mr Clarence Ware

Owner and Founder of Kushti Vardos. Clarence is of Romany Gypsy heritage that stems back throughout many generations. Clarence is a business man / philanthropist, musician and a collector of authentic Romany Gypsy artifacts that are now being preserved for many generations to come. 

Clarence’s mother Harriet is of the Richards family and she was one of 22 children, 17 of which survived. She lived and travelled on the tober (road) and many times slept under a wagon.

His father Brian’s family were travelling showmen in the 1800’s and later fairground duckers and fortune tellers.

Clarence invites and welcomes you to come and experience Devon’s largest Romany Gypsy heritage site.


Maggie Smith Bendell

Writer of three books and campaigner for Romany Gypsy rights and a close friend of Clarence’s and Kushti Vardo’s heritage site. Maggie Smith-Bendell was born on the edge of a pea field, the second of eight children in a family of old-fashioned Romany Gypsies. It was a harsh but magical childhood and for a true feel and understanding of the Gypsy experience we recommend her best selling books found by following this link.

Inside a kushti bowtop vardo

Experience and Learn about the Romany ways of life

Kushti Vardos will offer you the complete and immersive Romany Gypsy experience where you can learn to cook, meet the animals and tune into the natural environment around you.

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